Information for Lighting Designers

An LD's Guide to Summit's Computer & Lighting Networks
This explains how Summit uses a combination of ethernet and DMX cables to route control signals from the lighting controller to the dimmers and smart instruments.

DMX Addresses and Default Element2 Channel Assignments
This documents the DMX addresses assigned to our dimmer packs & LEDs, and the channel assignment in our default Element2 show file, sph-base-show.

Electric Pipe & Circuits
A diagram of Summit's electric pipes, showing patch-bay outlet locations, and our house and balcony pipe "rep plot."

Lighting Equipment
A list of our lighting equipment -- dimmers, conventional instruments, LEDs, etc. This also summarizes our patchbay circuits, DMX network, and stock plot.

Copying Lighting Cues to QLab With eos2qlab
Summit normally uses QLab as the master controller for sound, video & lighting cues. QLab runs the sound & video cues itself. The EOS controller - Element2 or Nomad - actually runs the lighting cues, but QLab uses Network cues to tell the controller when to execute them. While that's a simple idea, if the show has 300 lighting cues, typing those commands into QLab can be tedious and error prone. The eos2qlab program automates the drudgery and checks for errors. This document explains how to use it.

Switching Between Rehearsal & Production
This explains how to switch from the rehearsal setup -- Element2 & MacBook in the back of the auditorium -- to our production setup -- ETC/Nomad & MacBook in the balcony.

Turning Lights & Sound ON & OFF
Yes, this tells you how to turn everything on & off, including sound as well as lighting. This is primarily for the folks who run the show.

Care & Feeding of the Summit Playhouse Computers
As the title says, this document lays out guidelines for safely using the Playhouse's computers.

PDF manuals for most of Summit's equipement.

Sample Files
Sample Element2 show files.